Aug 21, 2007

Our first piece of real estate

2 weeks ago, Daddy & Mummy gave di-di and me our very first piece of real estate. Cosidering the over-heated property market now, I reckon that we had gotten a pretty fantastic deal. And plus the fact that it's move-in condition.

So here's a sneak peek at our private property...


It's actually a cardboard house, complete with drawings of many many animals. But all no colour yet, 'cos I'm supposed to tap into my creativity cells by colouring it and bringing it to life. Heh.

But frankly, all I'm interested now is just playing with it; and by imagining that I really stay inside. :P

Think di-di also loves the house, 'cos he keeps going in and out of the house. Heng the house is big enough to fit di-di, me... and also Mummy together. But erm, not Daddy lah... If he's inside, nobody else can go in liao. Hee hee...

Ok, I must add some colour to our house really soon... :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hi
I like the house! Where did you get it from?

Cheekiemonkies said...


We got the house at Anthropology at Raffles City, for $49.90. It was on offer.

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