Aug 26, 2007

Goats goats goats!

It had been quite some time since we last paid the goat farm a visit. And so yesterday morning, we paid a visit to Hay's Dairies once again so that I can feed the goats again! Yippee!

Here's me, all ready to stuff the goats with grass! :)

As usual, I'm one kiam fella... 'cos I only take out one miserable blade of grass at a time. And I got system in place okay... if I take out a long one, I'll give it to the bigger goats. If it's a small one, I'll give it to the baby goats. Hee hee...

Think the goats must have been quite fed-up with me... HAHAHA!

Pity that di-di fell asleep on the way to the farm... so he was asleep most of the time when I was feeding the goats.

But at least he woke up just in time to drink the nice cold goats' milk! Smart little fella huh... heh.

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