Aug 28, 2007

Take a peek, take your pick


No time to hit the malls to satisfy your shopping cravings?

Or you would rather put your time to better use than to squeeze with the crowds?

Which is why there's a new online clothes & accessories shop in town that lets you just scroll and scroll on, browsing through super a lot of clothes!

peekpick is set up by one of Daddy's friends lah, which is why he's advertising the site. We don't get paid hor, in case you are wondering... although a toy would be a great form of renumeration for me. Hahaha...

A lot of the clothes there are pretty chic-looking (in Mummy's words), ranging from tops to skirts to dresses etc.

Prices ah? They are pretty affordable too, from a mere $10 to $30... and Mummy had already starting the ball rolling lor... by snapping up this skirt liao. Hee...

The shop also sells various accessories, including these cute bags! I almost wanted to open them, expecting to find my fave Pocky biscuits ah. :P

If that's still not enough, you can browse through its sister site too!

It houses a collection of chic and affordable tops that will keep you cool during warm and sunny days. Think means sleeveless lah... shiok! I like to wear sleeveless tops too, 'cos I perspire a lot. Hahaha... but too bad the styles are not for me lah.

But Mummy is already anticipating her next purchase liao... by eyeing on these beauties...

The items are all ready stocks, which means that your orders are not ordered from suppliers after your purchase... which also means that you get your items fast! Happy happy... :) Oh, and international orders are also accepted. Payment can be made via bank transfer.

And now just for our blog readers, there's a PROMOTION! Hee...

FREE local shipping for all purchases, regardless of amount spent (Normally need $100 to qualify for free shipping). And also, instead of $100, you'll just have to spend $50 to receive one of these cuties as a complimentary gift to thank you for your support!

You can hang them on your handphone or your bunch of keys... So cute right!

Just quote 'cheekiemonkie' in your order email to qualify for the promotion. And also remember to buy me a gift too. Hahaha... kidding about the last bit there. :P

The link once again:

Happy Shopping! :)

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