Aug 31, 2007

Still no teeth

Well well well... twelve and a half months on and still no teeth to call my own.

Not that I'm particularly bothered by it. 'Cos my food intake skills had gone up a notch, with or without teeth. I'm now eating more viscous porridge, had taken some grains of rice & yummy bread. All thanks to my trusty gums.

In fact, my food routine now is waaay better than kor-kor liao. When he was my age last time, his porridge looked as if it just came out from the tap. Hahaha... okay, I'm exaggerating a bit. :P But you get the picture.

Anyway, Daddy & Mummy found out from the paed that there's actually nothing to worry about. Some babies just take a longer time for their teeth to sprout.

In fact, the longer the teeth take to come out, the stronger they will be in future. Wah, like that ho say liao lah! Hee hee...

Oh dear, think kor-kor's a bit worried for his teeth now. :P

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