Sep 2, 2007

An excuse to go zoo

Yesterday, we made another trip down to the zoo.

'Cos there is an ongoing special exhibit on crocodiles this September school holidays and it was a good time to pay these reptiles a visit.

Yup, and I just had to mimic the croc's big mouth. Hee hee...

But THAT was not reason why we went to the zoo.

The reason was 'cos Daddy wanted to put his brand new camera to good use! Hahaha... yep, he finally beared to ditch his 4 year old camera and get a new one. :P

And no prizes for guessing who became his subjects...

Okay, so di-di hadn't warmed up yet. But he soon did. :)

And I think this is my fave of the lot...

Like a roving mosquito, Daddy too made me his next target.

So what happened to Daddy's old cam?

I'm the proud owner of it, of course! Hee hee... Yup, I took it along to the zoo with me too and I had great fun snapping pictures along the way.

Here are some of my works. :P

Not too bad huh? Hahaha...

As usual, we had to go on the tram ride (at my courteous request of course).

And this time, after lunch, we managed to catch the animal show too. I thoroughly enjoyed it, think di-di must have too.

We didn't go to the Children's World this time though... what a bummer. Thought that di-di and me could have some fun waterplay again. But then again, we were quite tired out after the animal show and true enough, we fell asleep in the car on the way back home.

Much like this lazing orangutan. :P

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