Sep 3, 2007


Yup, the Hi-5 Concert. Live in the flesh.

Last night, we were down at the Hi-5 show and I must say I enjoyed myself pretty well.

Initially, we didn't plan to go for this show 'cos Daddy said I had already met my quota for the year when we went for the Elmo show few months back. Hahahaha... but faced with the allure of heavily discounted tickets, Daddy caved in. kekekeke...

And so, there we were. Soaking in the infectious beats.

Did I dance and prance? Only towards the end when I was more warmed up. Hahaha... But even then, I was quite mild compared to the other kids. I just waved and clapped my hands in the air.

With most of the kids dancing and following the dance moves of the Hi-5 gang on stage, Daddy said it curiously resembled a Zouk Mambo night out - for kids. :P

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