Sep 6, 2007


I think VivoCity is currently one of my favourite places on Earth right now. Oh, and make that di-di's too. Hahaha... 'cos it has so much water for us to splash around! :P

At least the last two times that we had been there, di-di and me had succesfully ended up in getting ourselves thouroughly wet. Hee hee...

The first time we played with the water spouts at the kids' playground and for some funny reason, I derived great pleasure in just letting the water splash onto my palms.

Di-di got into the act soon after too.

But there were a few times when the spray of water kena his face though. Hehe... he quite brave lah; he just crawled away.

But no worries man! I was there to protect him... :)

Then the following time when we were there, we went to the 3rd story where it had a shallow pool. Wah, this one I like even more lor... 'cos I can run and splash around in the water.

Or just do my sun-tanning there.

Whatever's the case, I had so much fun that I didn't even mind frolicking in the water in just my diapers! Heh.

Hmmm... think it's time for another visit there really soon! This time, I shall go prepared with my swimming trunks. :P

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