Sep 24, 2007

Hong-ing the Kong 4

Day 4 and after the quite hectic programme the day before, we decided to take things slow today.

And so after filling our tummies with a late breakfast, we headed down to The Peak for some breathtaking views. Daddy asked me if I want to take the Star Ferry to get to Central. Ahbuthen! This kind of thing no need to ask one lah... Hee.

And so we took the leisurely ferry across the sea to Central and di-di & me were absolutely fascinated by the ride, though it was only a short 5 minutes ride. But it sure was a cheaper way to get to Central, compared to the MTR which costs HKD$ 9 (S$ 1.80) per way. The ferry only costs HKD$ 2.20 (S$ 0.45) per way!

And from the ferry terminal, we took the open-top bus to The Peak. Yet another mode of transport that I love. Hee hee...

And when we got off the bus, there was yet another mode of transport awaiting me - the Tram! Wah, I got to try out so many modes of transport in a single morning.

No wonder I was so tired out by all the excitement that I fell asleep in the tram ride up the Peak. :P

And since I was still asleep when the tram reached the Peak, I shall let di-di continue with the story as he was the wide awake one.

Harlow harlow everybody! Okay okay, when we had reached the pinnacle, Daddy & Mummy wasted no time in taking photos and more photos of the beautiful view. And since kor-kor wasn't available to pose in the photos, I became the main focal model.

The view was nice; the air was fresh and the wind was, erm, windy. Heh.

Anyway, since I was in such a good mood, it would be criminal if Daddy didn't take more photos of me.

And all these while, kor-kor was still blissfully sleeping.

Lunch time soon arrived and we settled our lunch at Macs. Well, Daddy & Mummy actually... I still had to make do with my porridge. Haiz. Kor-kor awoke when we were just about done with our meals and he was in a slightly irritable mood and refused to eat his lunch.

Which is none of my business actually as Daddy had promised to bring us to the playground nearby if we had finished our lunch. Having kept my part of the bargain, I was let loose on the playground.

See kor-kor in the background? He was still finishing up his chicken nuggets before being allowed to join me. Hahaha...

Luckily, he gobbled them up real quick and soon made his way to the playground.

Which was actually more fun with him around lah... 'cos I love playing the slide with him. :)

My turn!

Kor-kor even took care of me when I was trying out the horsy ride.

And he also told me something after a trip to the Gents. You know most of the toilets are not really child-friendly... 'cos the toilet bowl is usually too large, too high right?

Yea, kor-kor's pretty upset about that.

Well, the toilet at the playground has a mini toilet bowl! Just for kids!

Perfect for kor-kor! Hahaha...

Anyway, we walked around a bit more after that and we made our way back to the hotel for our afternoon nap. Then later in the night, it was time to satisfy Mummy's cravings when we weaved our way through Ladies' Market. No photos 'cos Daddy had his hands full with Mummy's shopping bags.

Just kidding! Hahaha... Daddy had his hands full with kor-kor 'cos we didn't bring the stroller with us. Anyway, shopping is not for kor-kor and me lah... because what is more important will be the next day where we'll finally be meeting the most famous mouse in the world! :P

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