Sep 25, 2007

Hong-ing the Kong 5

Day 5 and today is a special day! Yippee!

And it's not special 'cos of Disneyland lah... lest you misunderstand. :P It's Daddy's birthday!!! Yep, Sep 20 was his birthday and so we went for a really hearty breakfast at Cafe de Coral.

We've got to go back there again when we are back in Hong Kong next time, 'cos the food there was so cheap and yummy!

Look at all the food!

ALL THESE for only S$ 7! Cheap hor??? There were macaroni, porridge, turnip cake, steak, toast, egg, kopi and teh. Gimme these breakfast sets over yakun anytime. Hahaha...

Then we headed back to our hotel to check out, and made our way to the place where dreams come true.

But first we had to check in to the Disney Hollywood Hotel. And boy, did di-di and me luuurve the room so very much!

And there was a promotion that rewarded us with an extra day of entry to Disneyland since we were staying at the Disney hotel. Yay! That means we can go back tomorrow too!

We had orignally booked a Garden view room, but somehow 'cos it was Daddy's birthday... we got upgraded to a Seaview room instead. Kio tio lor! Hee hee...

Thanks ah, Daddy! :P

Everywhere in the room had Mickey Mouse motiffs, some obvious while some hidden. They were imprinted nearly everywhere... like the mirrors, stationary, shower curtains, walls, even the bedroom slippers.

Heng the toilet bowl was not in the shape of the Mickey motiff... if not too big for my backside lah.

Okay, back to serious stuff...

After settling down, we made our way to Disneyland. Finally!

And I finally came face-to-face with the characters that I had grown to love watching on the telly.

But since we went into Disneyland around 1pm, I was feeling drowsy especially after having lunch. So Daddy quickly cajoled me to sleep first. Why leh? 'Cos he didn't want me to miss the parade later.

Di-di, on the other hand, had his morning nap. So he was one little bundle of energy.

And of course no trip to Disneyland is complete without paying a visit to the stores to check out their wide range of merchandise. And I somehow knew that Daddy would pick out the Dumbo ears for di-di to try on.

3.30pm was the magic time for the street parade to begin. And luckily enough, I woke up just 15 minutes prior to the show. But not before quenching di-di's and my thirst first...

And so the parade began! And the summer theme being waterworks parade, we the spectators were warned that we could get wet. Very wet.

There were so many Disney characters to keep a lookout for! And many of the floats were so naughty... spraying water on us. But I enjoyed it lah. Hee hee...

But my biggest waves were reserved for Donald & Mickey!

After the joys of being drenched, it was time to hit the rides!

We went on the Winnie the Pooh ride and it was very fun! So fun until I wanted to go on it again. Hahaha... But I was persuaded to give the other rides a go first.

And so, Dumbo the Flying Elephant was next.

Next came the spinning tea cups... which made Mummy want to vomit. Hahahaha...

Then we made our way to Tommorwland, where I tried to conquer the universe.

Erm, a bit too short though. Heh.

It was nearing 6pm liao... and so on seeing my increasingly tired face...

Daddy & Mummy decided to bring us back to the hotel for a hot bath, freshen us up and have our dinner first. And we would go back later in the night to catch the 8pm spectacular Fireworks!

But not before one more for the photo album! Heh.

Later in the night, we were back in Disneyland. And see who joined me! :P

8pm and the grounds grew silent, in anticipation of the fireworks bursting over the castle.

Words can't do justice to the magnificent fireworks show. Everything was so well-coordinated... the wonderful music, the colourful streaks of light dancing against the black backdrop. Let's just say it brought a tear to Mummy's eye. :P

15 minutes of sheer brilliance and that was it. Luckily we could still catch it again the next day. Yippee!

Back at the hotel, and we bought a tiny Tiramisu cake, in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head, to celebrate Daddy's birthday.

And when I say tiny, it really was tiny lor. Hahaha... but nevermind lah, got cake and candle to blow can liao.

As usual, I had to insist to help Daddy blow the candle.

And other than the 1 mouthful of cake that Daddy and Mummy each had, I walloped the remaining cake. Every single bit.

No wonder di-di was eyeing on my Mickey Mouse soft toy when I was engrossed eating.

And he finally made his move while I wasn't looking...

Heng my grip was firm. Hahaha...

Anyway, it was time to sleep after the mini celebration... as it will be another fun-packed day at disneyland again the next day!

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