Sep 26, 2007

Hong-ing the Kong 6

2nd last day our our holiday and so, we wasted no time in getting out of bed & getting ready for Disneyland: Part 2!

Since we were slightly early for the shuttle bus, we took the opportunity to explore the hotel grounds...

And since it was a sunny morning, it was also the perfect excuse to wear my new Donald Duck cap! Hee hee...

Just like our hotel room, the hotel grounds are also awashed with lots of Mickey mouse motiffs. Which I had a fun time picking them out. :P

A darn obvious one has got to be this bench lah... hahaha...

Then I started looking at the flowers to see if they were of the Mickey Mouse shape.

But before I could make any headway, I, together with di-di, was plonked onto a vintage car for more photo shots.

Luckily for us, it was time to board the shuttle bus. So onward to Disneyland! Again!

And this time around, we began covering the rides that we had missed out on yesterday. First up - the short river raft ride to Tarzan's Island.

We had to climb up and up the steps to Tarzan's treehouse and along the way, we got to see the brief story of Tarzan....

... through the different rooms in the treehouse.

Then we went for the Jungle River cruise next. That was pretty interesting as well, with a lot of water sprays, real fires thrown in.

It was back to Fantasyland after that, and under my request, we went for another round of all the rides that we sat yesterday. Hee hee...

There were the Dumbo ride, teacup ride... and my fave of the lot - Winnie the Pooh ride. Di-di and me got to ride on the merry-go-round too!

I even got my photo taken with Tinkerbell on my palms. Hehe...

There was only so much fun that 2 toddlers could take... and so Daddy & Mummy decided to bring us back to the hotel for our naps once again.

After snuggling in the comforts of our bed for 2.5 hours, we were back in Disneyland once again to catch the live-action 'The Golden Mickeys' Show.

It's basically a musical show, disguised like an Oscars Awards show, that showcases the various songs from Disney cartoons of the past. Cartoons like The Little Mermaid, Mulan, Lilo & Stitch, Tarzan, Beauty & the Beast. Cartoons which seemed foreign to di-di and me, but brought back a lot of wonderful memories for Daddy & Mummy.

The highlight of the show for me was just all about Mickey, Donald, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto. Everytime when they went off stage, I would ask Daddy where they gone.

ME: Where's Mickey?
DADDY: He went to change clothes.
ME: No, Mickey go pass urine.

After the show, we quickly made our way for one last ride before the Fireworks show - the Buzz Lightyear Blaster ride. It was also a fun ride ride 'cos we got our very own guns to shoot the evil villians while our car capsule was moving along the track. But I think Daddy enjoyed it more than me lah. Heh.

Then it was time for the splendid Fireworks once again.

Everyone went back to the hotel happy after that, while I tucked into my late dinner. :)

But I didn't eat a lot, 'cos I was saving my stomach for the next day, when Mickey would be joining me for breakfast!

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