Sep 27, 2007

Hong-ing the Kong: The Finale

Final day of our holiday and di-di & me were determined to end it off with a bang!

Think this must be the day that we were the most well-dressed. Hahaha... 'cos meeting Mickey & gang for breakfast mah. Can't be too shabby you know. :P

We took the pick-up car to Disneyland Hotel, where we were to have our buffet breakfast at the Enchanted Garden restaurant.

The Disney Character buffet breakfast is about S$30 per head; free for children below 3 years old. YAY!

But it was worth it and we would highly recommend it should you decide to go to Hong Kong Disneyland. 'Cos not only do we get a fantastic spread of yummy food, the Disney characters will come out to mingle and take photos with all of us. There's no need to queue or rush as they will take turns to come to our table to let us kiss, hug, shake hands, and of course take photos. Yah, machiam wedding dinner like that. Heh.

So it sure beats having to queue up at the Disneyland themepark, under the hot sun, to take photos with the disney characters.

See how I was eagerly anticipating the arrival of the VIPs? :P

Finally, Goofy made the first appearance at our table! But di-di was pretty scared at first though.

Hahaha... no problems for me. I was hugging Goofy, like he was my long-lost buddy.

The photos pretty much speak for themselves... so enjoy! :)

But the most important guest of all had me waiting for the longest time.

When Mickey was at the other tables mingling, I was already on my feet and peering over my seat to see when he would come over. Hee.

Finally, Mickey arrived!

Mickey was the only character that di-di recognises, thanks to the Playhouse Disney channel in our hotel room. Which I might add was on the whole time whenever we were in the room (except sleeping of course).

Di-di was so excited that he started flapping his arms excitedly. I, on the other hand, put my hands to better use. I gave Mickey a Hi-five. Hahaha...

After all the hugs and kisses, we bade farewell to the Disney characters and headed back to the hotel to check-out. And what do you know, I REFUSED to leave the room! Yah lor, I couldn't bear to go back home. I kept muttering, amid my tears, that I wanted to stay in the room ' cos the wall has a Mickey & Minnie Mouse picture!

Luckily, Daddy & Mummy managed to coax me and soon, I was as chirpy like a little bird on the plane again. :P

I had really enjoyed myself this trip and think di-di did too, especially when he saw Mickey Mouse. Hahaha... Where's next huh, Daddy & Mummy? :P

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