Oct 16, 2007


On Sunday, all of us, including Kong-kong & Por-por, went down to Sembawang beach for some sun and fun. Partly because I have been clamouring to go to the beach lah. :P

So unsurprisingly, I had a great time in playing with the sand.

And induldging in some water splashing as well.

Pity di-di wasn't too impressed with the beach though.

He only felt secure when he clung onto Mummy's leg.

Nice pose, Mummy! :P

And even that, di-di couldn't be bothered to smile for the camera.

Hee hee... a rather subdued di-di huh? Standing on the sand is still okay for him... but try putting him down to sit on the sand, and a loud wail shatters the peace. Hahaha...

But Daddy said last time I was also scared of the waves ... but now? Of course no problem liao lah!

Rare moment of di-di's impish smile when he was separated from the sand.

Me? I was just having my nice sun tanning session in the sea. :)


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