Oct 13, 2007

Fun in the Rain

Today, being a public holiday, Daddy & Mummy brought di-di and me to the Istana to look-see-look-see.

The Istana is where the President stays and it isn't always open you know. So since Godmas Mala and Maddy will be there as well, we happily made our way there too.

All these years, Daddy & Mummy had NEVER stepped into the Istana leh... would you believe it? Hahaha... so suaku lah. :P

Anyway, as we were trekking up the long long driveway while admiring the vast greenery, the skies turned bleak. And it poured.

We hurriedly scurried to the nearest tentage and plonked our wet behinds on the chairs to wait for the rain to stop. So suay right... AHHH... but that's where the fun began for me. Hee hee...

I first kept myself busy by picking up the dry leaves on the grass and scattering them onto the grass again.

Then I started jumping into the small puddles of water in the grass, to make the splashing sound.

And when the rain got lighter, I veered neared to the edge of the tentage to catch the falling raindrops.

Looking at how much fun I was having, Daddy gave the green light for me to chiong out into the open when the rain was reduced to a drizzle.

And boy, did I really chiong.

I think I had never played in the rain before... so that was why I was so happy to be splashing around in the pools of water.

But the rain got heavier after that. So I had to make my way back liao... but I still insisted on walking in the rain. Under my umbrella...ella...ella...eh...eh...eh...

Anyway, it was only after some time before I was coaxed back to the shelter. And as you can see, I was pretty drenched.

Di-di, on the other hand, was just creating his own brand of fun by walking around in the ehleter area. With help of course. Although he's getting quite good at walking unassisted liao.

Soon, the rain got lighter and before I knew it... it was time to go home.


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