Oct 9, 2007

Full of balls

Daddy & Mummy brought us to yet another indoor playground at Go Go Bambini (Tanglin Village), that has my favourite balls pit!

On seeing the pit, I wasted no time in hurling myself into it.

Hee hee... it was really fun! Actually this area is for the toddlers, below 3 years old. The older kids have a much much bigger area to expend all their energy - complete with twirling slides, ladders, and other obstacles to overcome.

Di-di also confirm enjoyed himself lots... in fact, he kept throwing the balls out of the pit! Daddy had to play goalie to try to block his shots. Hahahaha....

I did try out the larger playground area and I loved playing on the steep slide so much that I didn't want to come out of the play area. Hee.

It's quite a nice place to chill out... since they have a cosy cafe for parents to makan and sip their coffee while their little terrors are being let loose in the play area.

Perfect to nuah the time away! :P

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