Oct 6, 2007

A garden to call our own

This morning, we went to the newly opened Children's Gardens at the Botanical Gardens.

Finally, a whole garden devoted to us kids! To gain entry to the garden, an adult NEEDS to be accompanied by a child you know. Otherwise, sorry ah... no entry! Makes di-di and me feel so darn special. Hee hee...

The garden is truly one biggie; with many different play zones for kids to interact and play. But but but... the one that caught my attention was no doubt, the water play area lah. kekekeke...

Even di-di got in on the action... and tried to chat up a gal in the process. Hahahaha...

I was just happy enough, going around filling up my bright orange watering can with water and watering the plants nearby. :P

Too bad we went there quite late in the morning, so the sun was beginning to show its full power. As a result, we didn't really get to explore the other parts of the garden.

BYE BYE Garden! We'll be back again next time, definitely much much earlier! Heh.

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