Nov 20, 2007

DIY Home

I've got a new pet - and it's a lamb!

It's pretty obedient so far, only baa-ing when it wants attention. And I've just to stroke its back to keep him happy. Hee hee...

So yesterday, together with Daddy's help, I used a cardboard box to make a new home for my lamb. Bo pian lah... now with property prices keep shooting up, it makes more sense to DIY your own pad. And a 1-bedroom at that. :P

Not bad huh? Yah, his name is Lamb Chop. Makes Daddy feel hungry everytime I call out his name. Hahahaha...

Got window and door; and also his own garden somemore. I stuck the paper onto the box and also helped out in the colouring too! There're even handles on the house for me to carry it. Which means Lamb Chop gets to follow me around too!

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Anonymous said...

aiyo, the house like too small for lamb chop. maybe shld upgrade to a new one when the property prices drop =)

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