Nov 17, 2007

Starting school soon!

Today's my school orientation! And boy, was I very very excited!

Erm, actually I was just excited about seeing the teachers... 'cos half the time when I was there, I was just mumbling, 'Where teachers? Where teachers?' Well, considering the concept of school is relatively still new to me, one can't really expect me to expect much of school. Yet.

So anyway, Ma-ma, Ye-ye & Ku-jie all tagged along together with Daddy and di-di. Mummy couldn't make it 'cos she had to work. Think all the adults like more excited than me leh. Hahahaha...

I was pretty nonchalant about it. Seriously. All I cared was the playground outside the classroom. Hee hee... yea, old habits die hard.

We did the usual admin stuff; like buying the school uniforms, taking a look at my classroom-to-be, having a briefing with the teachers, etc... all in great anticipation of the the next big phase in my life come 2nd Jan 2008!

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