Nov 17, 2007

Bonding Time

After we had gone for kor-kor's school orientation today, kor-kor wanted to follow Ma-ma & Ye-ye back home. So off he went while Daddy brought me back home for my long overdue morning nap.

I had my lunch at home when I woke up; and Daddy decided to bring me out to jalan-jalan since we had to fetch Mummy from work later. I think it was the very first time that I had Daddy all to myself! Hahahaha.... 'cos half the time kor-kor would be tagging along. Hee...

Daddy brought me shopping, where I had great fun playing in the toys department. But none of the toys followed me out of the shops though. Drats.

As we were waiting for Mummy to be done, we dropped by Fort Canning Park for a brisk afternoon walk. But really, it was just an excuse for Daddy to take some photos again.

Not that I am grumbling lah... 'cos I just love walking now. Daddy's just waiting the time to come when I'll be clamouring to be carried instead. Like what kor-kor is doing now when he's out. Hahaha...

Perfectly overcast afternoon, where it is not too hot... just right for my little feet to go trotting.

Can you tell I'm in a stupendous mood? :P

It was a nice short time out with Daddy. Maybe we should do this again sometime, minus kor-kor! Hee hee... no lah, me not so bad. He can tag along if he wants to. :)

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