Nov 14, 2007

It's Sentosa. Again.

Yup, it's the 3rd time this year that we were back at Sentosa to nuah. Not that I am complaining of course!

We were back at Siloso Beach Resort for a one night retreat over last weekend. And one thing that Daddy learnt - was to NEVER EVER tell me beforehand what we were going to do for the weekend. Well, at least not 2 days in advance anyway.


'Cos I was just harping on it and going, 'Ashton want go to hotel room... Ashton want go to hotel room...' whenever my brain reminded me. Hee hee hee... Which nearly made Daddy want to pull out all his hair and go jump into the sharks tank at Underwater World. Oops.

Anyway, Daddy manage to tahan til then lah, and check us all into the hotel in one piece. And after the standard exploration of the bathroom & testing the strength of the coils in the mattress (by jumping), we made our way to VivoCity for some good ol'jalan-jalan...

... and makan of course!

And what's dinner without some dessert too right?

Luckily for di-di and me, dessert was in the form of kiddie rides. :P

Then it was off to see the musical light cum water show!

It was my second time watching this. But since Ma-ma & Ye-ye haven't watched it before, I took it upon myself to describe the show to them beforehand. Yah, 'cos got fire and fireworks mah... sekali they kena frightened, how? Heh. Daddy & Mummy were so amazed that I could still remember so vividly that I watched the show before.

The show was still as fantastic to me, with the fireworks being the main draw for me as usual.

Then it was back to the hotel for some snooze. 'Cos there was this really yummy breakfast waiting for us the next morning!

See di-di's face I know he can't wait liao...

Actually me too lah... but the adults have this idea of snapping whatever activties we do. So bopian lor, have to take photos while my poor food turned cold. So sad.

Time to work off the calories after breakfast, and so I was off for my walk while Daddy was still stuffing his mouth like a hamster in the cafe. :P

I could never forgive myself if I didn't pay the beach a visit too! After all we were at Sentosa... hahaha...

Di-di, as usual, needed some time to get acquainted with the sand again.

Yes yes, it took a few cries and screams. But generally he dealt with it quite well after that. By taking over my sand toys lor!

Oh well, got sand and sea I already ultra happy liao...

I even got my own personal lifeguard! Hee hee...

Then it was back to the hotel room to wash up and get ready for the dreaded words - GO BACK HOME ALREADY.

But not before indulging in some more smiling poses for the camera...


The next day was Ma-ma's actual birthday date, so Ku-jie brought us cheekiemonkies, together with Ma-ma & Ye-ye, to Swensen's for some yummy ice cream!

See lah... got food then di-di so happy again. Mouth open so big somemore! Hahahaha...

Actually I also can't wait lah... but you know lah, must take photos. Again.

Ma-ma got a free ice cream there 'cos it was her birthday. Which meant happiness for me too, 'cos I got to blow the candles too! Hee hee... And no need to say, I walloped quite a fair bit of the ice cream. Oh, and fries too. :P


Heng Daddy & Mummy were not around, if not... sure got competition for my ice cream & fries! kekekeke...

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