Nov 27, 2007

Fully toilet trained?

There was this one night last week where Daddy & Mummy forgot to let me put on my diapers before going to bed. So imagine the shock on their faces the next morning when they realised what they had forgotten to do.

Just picture 2 adults bending down to my mattress and sniffing away to see if there were any traces of my yellow liquid. Hee hee... pity I can't operate the video cam.

But to their surprise, I didn't pee a single time throughout the night! Incredulous! Underwear, pants and mattress were as dry as they could be. So of course Daddy & Mummy happy like bird lah; they kept praising me I so clever, so this, so that... I must admit, it made me feel kind of proud. 'Cos I was wearing this wide grin on my face everytime they rained their praises down on me. :P

So am I really ready to go diaper-free forever? As it is now, I don't wear diapers when I'm awake, only when I go to bed at night. Curious for the answer, Daddy & Mummy decided to experiment again the following night.

The result?

I leaked.

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