Nov 29, 2007

Dora Squarepants & Spongebob the Explorer

You know it is Christmas time again when all these big cartoon costume characters start paying visits after visits to our local shopping malls.

Yep, it sure definitely is Christmas when Daddy starts to groan about having to join the queue of silly parents and noisy kids just to watch the performances.

But groans or no groans, Daddy took time off yesterday to bring me down to watch Dora the Explorer live in the flesh. Actually I prefer Boots the monkey more lah. Hahaha... But it sure was a nice show, and towards the end I joined in the clapping and dancing too. At least I enjoyed it which made it worth the effort, Daddy reasoned. :P

As an added bonus, I got to take a photo with the both of them too!

And for an even doubly added bonus, Spongebob Squarepants & Patrick Star also joined in the fun... of course we also go take photo lah. Hee hee...

Next up - Barney! kekeke... or so I hope!

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one of us said...

hey Ashton!

Barney's at Marina Square. saw his stage when i was there on wed evening...

dun tell your daddy i told u *hehe*

Cheekiemonkies said...

haha...thanks!!! we went to watch him in action on Saturday night. very nice!!! :)

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