Dec 1, 2007

Purple fever

I heard Marina Square has been plagued by the purple fever these past few days - hordes of kids and equally fervent parents have been thronging the mall to catch a glimpse of this purplish sensation.

The cause?

Why, none other than the friendliest T-Rex in the whole wide world... BARNEY!!!

Luckily for di-di & me, Daddy and Mummy belong to the above-mentioned group of parents. HAHAHAHA... which is a good thing, 'cos di-di has also been bitten by the Barney bug too. You should have seen him when Barney came onto stage; machiam star-struck, his eyes never left the stage. Heh.

But pity we had to stand behind the barricades to watch the show, 'cos there was no more space to enter the seating area liao. Even though we were there quite early! Oh well, better than nothing. :P

It was a very very nice show; with Barney & co performing some of their chart topping hits like If you're happy, and some Christmas ditties thrown in too!

I even wanted to watch it a second time after it ended. Hahaha... but too bad it was the last show for the day. Bummer.

Oh well, at least I bumped into Mr. Snowman and in one of the rarest moments, I asked Daddy to help me take a photo with him. Heh.

Anyway, it was a fun night out and we even got to stay out late til 11pm which was way past my bedtime. Hee hee...

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