Dec 13, 2007

Chef Mickey has landed


Sadly, the Mickey restaurant has ceased operations in Feb 2009. Future fate is currently unknown.


New cafe in town ALERT!!!

And it's opened by my fave cartoon character, MICKEY, somemore! Ooh, happy days! Hee.

It's called Disney Naturally - the first Disney-theme restaurant to open outside of Disneyland in Asia. Right here in Singapore! (Location: Anchorpoint, opposite Ikea Alexandra)

Wah, now I can go eat with Mickey, Donald and Goofy whenever I feel like it! HAHAHAHA...

With so many Disney characters plastered all around the cafe, I confirm wasted no time in taking photos with them lah. Hee hee...

As with all Disney-theme restaurants, you can find practically everything that comes in the shape of a Mickey motiff - from the chairs right up to even the food!

Wah, the pizza looks so cute hor? So sayang to eat it... :P

We ordered the Mushroom soup, Macaroni with cheese and a Hawaiian Mickey Mouse pizza. Sedap!

See how fast my Mickey pizza lost one of his ears??? Greedy Daddy couldn't wait liao...

Okay, let's tuck in!

Di-di actually had his dinner at home already... but on seeing the spread of food before him, his mouth started opening! See how he was just waiting... and waiting for the food?

Finally, he got his first mouthful of the macaroni.

Well, think the photo below clearly shows what he thought of the food.

I, on the other hand, was jsut happily tucking into my food and watching the giant TV screen in front of me at the same time. It was showing Disney cartoons... no wonder I so guai lah. Just sit-down-shut-up-and-eat kind of behaviour. Heh.

Di-di was also in an extremely good mood. Think he got high on macaroni lah...

There were even 2 computer terminals for kids like me to play Mickey Mouse-related games. And the service staff jie-jie even sat down next to me and taught me how to play the games. What bliss for Daddy & Mummy lor... they can eat in peace. :P

Check out the washing area for kids too! Water comes out of this gigantic Mickey Mouse glove which has lights flickering on and off too. For once, the adults have to bend down to we kids' height to wash their hands. kekeke...

Finish makan, time to go home liao. Overall verdict of the new eatery?

One big fat thumb UP!

P.S. The cafe operates on a cashless payment system, which means you'll have to purchase a prepaid card ($2 deposit) from the front cashier first before proceeding to order your food. The good thing is that kids like me have the chance to learn how to order and use the card to pay. Bad news? If your eventual order costs more than the initial value of the card that you had purchased, you'll have to go back to the cashier to top-up your card. And even then, it's a minimum of $10 per top-up. Quite leceh lah.

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