Dec 11, 2007

My first haircut!

It has been a long time coming.

I've finally gotten my first haircut, no thanks to my growing ever-so-slowly hair.

So there I was at the kids' barber for my haircut... with Daddy & Mummy deeply worried about how I would react to being restrained in a seat, coupled with noisy foreign gadgets that go whirring near my ears.

In the end, it was anti-climatic to say the least. I just sat there very very quietly, not even stirring an inch in my seat. A large chunk of credit should go to the little TV in front of me lah... HAHAHAHA... as long as got TV, I always happy! :P

Kor-kor also cut his hair at the same time. He also very guai one, just sit there and let the scissors go snip snip. In fact, I think he enjoys going to the barber a lot! While we were waiting for our turn - it was quite a long queue - Daddy asked kor-kor if he wanted to go walk walk first while Mummy & I waited at the barber. He flatly refused and said he wanted to cut hair first. Hahaha...

Well, as for me, my first haircut session went by without a hitch. And before I know it, it was over.

Handsome or not? Hee.

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