Dec 10, 2007

Birds watching

Last Saturday marked the very first time where kor-kor and me went to the Jurong Bird Park, well.... erm to see birds. What else right? :P

I initially thought it would be a very boring affair. After all, birds are birds right? Although they come in different shapes, sizes and colours, they still have wings, beaks and feet.

Hahaha... but we still enjoyed the park very much, especially kor-kor. 'Cos he's into his 'birds' phase now... everything that looks or flies like a bird, he's extremely fascinated by it. AND ESPECIALLY penguins lor...

You should have seen him... he was so excited to see so many penguins in the air-conditioned enclosure. Hee hee... Me, on the other hand, was pretty subdued. I just sat there quietly, watching the penguins enjoy their morning swim.

Hmm... made me want to go jump in to join them. :P

On second thoughts, better not lah. Too cold... BRRR!!!

Kor-kor also wanted to take photos with the penguins... and in another phase that he's going through currently, he's resorting to making different varieties of monkie faces whenever Daddy asks him to smile for the camera. Yep, EXASPERATING, in the words of Donald Duck.

After watching the feeding of the penguins, we made our to the other parts of the park to, well... see some more birds.

The mandarin ducks looked very chio and cute! I almost wanted to lunge forward and grab them. Luckily for them, my arms were too short.

And when Daddy asked kor-kor to ham up an impression of a duck, he just puckered up his lips like this.

Hahaha... funny lah, my this kor-kor of mine.

Then we went into this giant aviary enclosure where there were many many birds roaming about. Very good way to get really close with the birds. Daddy even picked up a piece of bread that a little bird had dropped, and let kor-kor feed the duckies that were swimming around in the small pond. Confirm made kor-kor's day lah.

I was just busy walking around - that's my fave past time now by the way. And also busy imitating kor-kor.

See what I mean? Hee hee...

Think kor-kor must have been irritated by my copycat ways... 'cos he'd rather speak to a parrot after that. :P

Then it was off to pay the pelicans and flamingos a visit!

The pelicans were really very huge! Silly kor-kor must have thought his arms were longer. Hahaha...

I just stood by the barricades to look at all the pelicans and flamingos having their sun tan session... when all of a sudden, I saw kor-kor doing this...

It turned out he was imitating the pelican lor!

HAHAHAHA.... so funny. Always up to his cheekie ways now, as Daddy and Mummy put it.

Then it was back to the main entrance area to catch the birdie show. And along the way, since it was the weekend, kor-kor got a free balloon sculpture and a Spiderman picture painted on my hand. Wah, so nice!

I also got a balloon sculpture too. Think it looks like a dog lah. Heh.

Show then started and we made our way to the amphitheatre. It was so interesting that I promptly fell asleep during the mid-way of the show.

Hahaha... no lah, I was actually very tired liao. Missed my my morning nap you know. It was really a good show, 'cos kor-kor enjoyed it. Lots.

I found out from kor-kor after the show that we took a ride on the Panorail around the park, which he was very excited about it too. But I slept through it all leh. Wasted...

We were all tired after that and so, had a quick lunch and made our way back soon after.

Bye bye birdies! We really enjoyed ourselves this time, kor-kor especially.

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