Dec 7, 2007

meeska mooska Mickey Mouse!

Well well well, what do you know... I've got to meet Mickey Mouse for the third time this year! Hee hee... it must be fate. :P

Actually, Mickey Mouse and some of his clubhouse gang are back in Singapore for a holiday and they are making an appearance at Parkway Parade. Intel sources tell me that truckloads of people always turn up whenever they appear.

But luckily for me, they had a meet-n-greet session exclusively for ABN Amro customers... so of course mai tu liao lah, Daddy quick hand quick leg brought me down to meet them. Again.

Wah, this time even got Minnie and Donald for me to hug and kiss! Hahaha...

And so, yet another photo for the (digtal) album!

Donald even gave me a pat on the head while I was making my way down the stage. Don't tell him this... but his backside look pretty big in real life. Hee.

The trio even posed for some photos after the meet-n-greet session. More photos!

After the session, I told Daddy, " Ashton very happy. I so happy."

Think I must have made Daddy's day too. :)

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