Dec 22, 2007

My first official assignment

Today I was dressed to kill. For an important assignment.

Erm, well...OKAY, so the facial expression doesn't look very credible. But I was really very serious about my job as a pageboy for one of Daddy's hostel friend's wedding this morning.

So my first task was to take over the ring pillow with the rings attached for safekeeping.

Daddy & Mummy were so afraid that the rings would drop off and their heads would be on the chopping block. Hahahaha... but no worries lah! Hee.

I held onto the pillow as if it was coated with glue.

Soon, the march-in started and I was first in line to lead the congregation down the aisle.

I tell you, very nervous lor... I kept glancing at Daddy to make sure he was still in my sight. Heh.
But it all went smoothly lah. Phew! And everyone showered me with praises after that... make me float like a bubble only. Hahaha...

Then it was off to the hotel for the wedding lunch. But since it was still early, we dropped by Tanglin Mall for some jalan jalan first.

And look I found! Quite a few horses who were so guai... they stood so still when I sayang them.

Then I found Baileys' brother too!

Of course must take photo with him too lah... He also very good boy; let me sit on his back to take photo. But I think if Daddy tried sitting on him, he comfirm bark out loud loud wan lah. Hee hee...

Then it was time to whizz off to the hotel! Di-di and me were getting hungry... and grumpy!

Munch time was pure bliss, 'cos we were all so famished. Hahaha... So of course we were in a good mood after that. Di-di especially...

I kept my myself busy with the hotel's decorations while the adults were still gorging down their 8 course lunch.

But before the adults finished, di-di and me fell asleep in Mummy's and Daddy's arms respectively. Tired lah... long day you know.

But it was only a short nap before we woke up. And what good timing... it was time to go home liao! Hahaha... Think di-di and me will definitely sleep very early tonight. Means Daddy and Mummy can sleep early too. :P

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