Dec 24, 2007


Today's Christmas Eve and it's also Kong-kong's special day!!!

So we bought a cake to celebrate for my dear Kong-kong yesterday. And I even chose the cake myself! Daddy just paid for it. Hee hee hee...

As tradition goes, I sang the birthday song at the top of my voice and proceeded to be a helpful boy by blowing out the candles. :P

Silly di-di thought Kong-kong was going to kiss him, so he tried to siam. HAHAHAHA... Actually, kong-kong was just trying to blow the candles lah.

Have a wonderful birthday, Kong-kong! Thanks for always bringing me out for shopping and to play! And also thanks for my wonderfully BIG Christmas present (although I have to share it with di-di too)!

Speaking of presents, I've a sneaky feeling I will receive more tonight 'cos we are having a Christmas Party at home! YAY!!!

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