Dec 5, 2007

Puny Pancakes

Sunday morning and what a better way to start the morning than to make your own breakfast. Well, ideally Mummy thinks that *ahem* someone should prepare the breakfast while she just waits in bed; breakfast-in-bed style.

But for me, the joy is in the preparation and cooking of my very own pancakes! Hee...

Now now now... kids, don't do this at home unless you have adult supervision at home hor? Luckily for me, Daddy was my sifu for the morning.

So I added water to the mixture, stirred the batter and poured some onto the hot pan. All by myself!

Yah lah, puny pancakes those are. I got small mouth what... Hahaha...

After a few minutes, they were done! Yippee!

Then Daddy gave me a tube of dunno-what-cream-lah and asked me to squeeze some out onto my pancakes to make a happy face. So pretty but too bad I gotta eat them...

You can't really tell, but I really enjoyed my pancakes a lot. :P

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