Jan 10, 2008

1st week of school

And so, my first week of school has passed as quickly as it came. Here's a recap of what happened...

First day you all know already lah... if not, go here.

Second Day - No parents were allowed into the classrooms liao; so Daddy & Mummy pretty much just left me at the classroom door, said goodbye and walked off. Yah I know, much as it was so painful for me, it was also very heart-wrenching for them. But all I wanted was Daddy & Mummy to join me in class and so, I bawled lor...

Hee hee...not so jialat lah...

When the time came for Daddy & Mummy to pick me up from school, they were anxious to find out from the teacher how I fared in my second day at school. Teacher said that my crying was on and off and when I did cry, I mumbled to myself, "Ashton don't cry...later Daddy & Mummy coming...Ashton don't cry...later Daddy & Mummy coming..." Hahaha... Daddy & Mummy don't know whether to be happy or sad. Hee.

Third Day - Today was the day that Daddy & Mummy went back to work, so it was Ye-ye & Ma-ma to send me to school. I wailed as usual when Ma-ma said goodbye to me at the door. I kept insisting that she stayed in the classroom with me. I was just trying my luck lah... hahaha... anyway, no succes and so, I cried on and off in class again.

When Daddy went to pick me up after school, Teacher told Daddy that I vomitted in class during breakfast time. Not a lot but dirtied my shorts anyhow. She also said that my cryings were less frequent, just that I was a bit whiny as I kept insisting on going to the playground. Heh.

Fourth Day to Today - Monday marked the beginning of school again after a 2-day rest over the weekend. And I'm happy to report that so far, I've adapted to school pretty well liao! :)

I've stopped crying when Ma-ma dropps me off at school already, in fact I wave bye-bye to her and Ye-ye. Not bad right? Hee hee... And I love the sing-along sessions in class as now, I usually sing the new songs that I had learnt when I get back home. Well, I do still cry a bit like today when it was nearing time to go home. I kept insisting that I wanted to go outside the classroom to look for Ye-ye & Ma-ma. But I think over time, I should cope just fine.

Now where's the Thomas the Tank Engine train set that Daddy promised me for being such a good boy at school? :P

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