Jan 13, 2008

Pat's Schoolhouse Alumni Gathering

Yesterday morning, we popped by Dylan's place to say hello to the newest addition to his family - Rae-Ann meimei!

It was also a long-awaited reunion for the Pat's Schoolhouse Alumni - Dylan, Timothy & me! Hee hee...

Wah, Dylan's house got so many toys... I see already also don't know which one to play first. Initially, we played on our own... but gradually as more toys started to pour onto the floor, we began to play and mingle together a bit.

All 3 of us now have greater responsiblilities than before - 'cos we are all kor-kors now! Hahaha... must protect our younger brother and sisters liao.

That's Timothy's sister, Bethany, on the extreme left. And of course, the one sucking his thumb is di-di lah... got TV only he bochup everything. :P

Dylan's sister, Rae-Ann, can't join us in the group photo 'cos she can't really sit up yet. If you wanna see her, you can pop down to Dylan's blog. She very sweet and pretty you know!

You know, it's pretty rare to get 3 lively and energetic toddlers to sit together for a photo... and there can only be one reason why this photo exists. We are ALL watching the Cars cartoon on TV lor. Heh.

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