Jan 1, 2008

Perfect way to end 2007

Last week, we made our way to Avillion Resort in Port Dickson, Malaysia on Christmas Day for a short 2 nights stay.

It was a birthday treat for me since my most important day of the year is coming this week. But since I'm starting school this week as well, my present was given to me early! Hee hee...

We stayed at the water chalets, which was super shiok! 'Cos I could hear the sea waves crashing right under our chalet.

When we arrived, standard operating procedures dictate that we have to start springing up and down the bed! Test test mah... hahaha...

And the bathroom was well, just heavenly! Di-di and me spent such a long time bathing everyday.

Besides the gigantic king-sized bed, there was also a big daybed where you can just laze down, eat some snacks and admire the seaview. Activities that are sure to pile on the inches to Daddy's waist. Hee.

That explains why when we first checked-into the room, we spent quite a long time just playing inside.

Okay, so how else did we keep ourselves busy?

Every morning when we woke up, I pulled di-di along to our balcony to soak in the morning fresh air...

Erm, well... the real reason is actually to...

BLOW BUBBLES! Hee hee...

Since di-di doesn't know how to blow bubbles yet, he had the task of catching the bubbles for me. :P

And boy, did we have fun!

Then after that, we would have our late breakfast and go for a stroll along the water chalets area.

I seriously don't know what di-di was trying to do lah... he sways his hips pretty well huh? Hahahaha...

The view from there was pretty nice, not to mention really windy. Mess up my hair only...

But I think I speak for di-di when I say that we both loved bumming in the hotel room the best lah.

Okay okay, enough of indoor activities... Time to hit the sun!

And the most appropriate way is the swimming pool of course.

The children's pool was alright lah, with a winding slide and erm, lots of water.

But the REAL surprise treat of our stay was the mini petting zoo!

See how di-di was beo-ing the little cute animals already? Heh.

It's open for an hour at 10am everyday and we kids are allowed to enter the compound to pet and feed the animals.

Yah, I was so happy and excited that I just had to showcase a silly pose.

We were given food like long beans and bananas to feed the rabbits and guinea pigs. But apparently, some of the birds loved them too lor.

And I even had a rooster feeding out my hand!

And also I carried him on my arm too. Ticklish lah...

Oh, did I mention that di-di & me took ages to have out bath? Hee hee...

Luckily there was a separate bathtub that Daddy & Mummy could use. If not, think they would have to wait til they are back home then can bathe lah.

And what's a resort getaway without the beach right?

Confirm my fave lah! And the resort gave di-di and me a bucket set with spades & stuff each for a fun time on the beach.

Which I didn't waste any time in putting them to good use.

Di-di was initially a little apprehensive in going barefoot on the fine sand, but after seeing how much I was having, he also copied me lah - took his spade and just kept flicking the sand up. Hee.

Me ah? When I was not playing with the sand, I was busy posing for Daddy's camera lor...

Got play means got use up energy means got to eat somemore! Actually if you ask me, I think it's just Daddy's excuse to order food for himself lah. Hahahaha...

And it was during this trip that di-di suddenly discovered the joy of stuffing food into his mouth.

And I really mean stuff, as in he stuffed 3 long sticks of fries into his mouth at one go! No wonder people say he looks more like Daddy. :P

As for me, I just nibbled one small mouthful at a time, downing my milkshake in between.

And during the late afternoons, when the high tide recedes and it's not so hot, we trooped down to the beach once again.

What was I doing you ask?

Trying to catch the hordes of crabs there!

Think di-di must have gotten into the mood too...

Yay! Success! *ahem* with a bit of help from Daddy of course *ahem*

As it was low tide, di-di and I got a chance to see many many tiny animals... but I don't really know their names lah. :P

When we were about to leave, di-di, Mummy and I got curious about the number of crabs that we caught.

4 in all!

Plus 1 small baby crab. Hee hee...

And of course, it was soon time to head back to the room for a wash-up. Which dismayed di-di somewhat...

But okay lah, we had great fun out on the beach!

We all enjoyed the short trip and for me, I was so sad to leave that I cried and tried to stick myself onto the bed lor. Heh, so paiseh...

Hopefully we'll back again! :)

And a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! Wishing a fantastic 2008 to one and all!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there!! Just want to say that this is an excellent blog and your photos are fantastic!! Definitely will want to go there for a holiday soon.
May I know how do I go about booking the chalets? wish I saw this earlier. We had already booked a holiday to Penang in September with our girl who will be 18 mth then and I will be almost 8 mths pregnant! Not going to be easy huh?

Cheekiemonkies said...

hi chichi,

Many thanks for dropping by and for all ur praises. :)

You can book directly thru the resort: http://www.avillion.com.my/home.asp

Think there're some promotional packages on offer. We also booked the kiddies package from there.

Think travelling shld still be ok for u and ur family, since it's going to be a relaxing one; not the rushing ard to go sigthseeing kind of travel.

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