Dec 30, 2007

Weekend Fun

Harlow everyone! Hope all of you had a nice Christmas and a bountiful one too! :)

We were over at Port Dickson last week, and I enjoyed myself so much that I nearly didn't wanted to come back! Hee hee... Anyway, more on that later as lazy Daddy needs some time to upload the many many photos.

So for this weekend, being the last weekend of 2007, we went for a host of fun activities. Starting with a short trip down to Qian Hu fish farm yesterday for some longkang fishing and feeding.

I especially like to put my hand into the koi pond and let the kois nibble on my fingers. Hee hee... very shiok feeling lah.

Then in the night, we were off to Downtown East with Ma-ma, 'cos Yi-gong and Yi-por had a chalet there. So we were there to makan dinner, but no stay over lah. Shucks.

But luckily, I spotted a kiddie ride and that made my night much more interesting. Hee hee...

This morning, we were off to Bishan Park with Kong-kong & Por-por for breakfast. AND also to bring my biggie Christmas present for a spin!

My motorbike chio or not? Hahaha... it's a present from Kong-kong & Por-por and I get to ride it once a week 'cos it's kept at their house.

Erm, well...actually I've to share it with di-di lah. But heng heng for me, his legs can't touch the pedal yet. kekeke... So for now, he can just watch...

... and chase after me...

Don't worry, I'm not so bad lah. Di-di also sat in the bike and I pushed him around somemore ah! I goody boy hor?

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