Feb 3, 2008

Cheena Mickey

My informant told me that Mickey Mouse was spotted in Chinatown, indulging in the festive spirit of the Chinese New Year. So obviously there was only one way to confirm it.

Yep, he's there alright... along with all his other kakis like Minnie, Pluto and also Winnie the Pooh too.

Luckily for us, it was drizzling when we went down to Chinatown yesterday evening. Which means not too crowded, but we were still able to walk down the colourful lit streets in the very light drizzle.

Compared to last year, I was definitely more curious this time around. I kept looking around and wanting to go neared to the many stalls to look-see-look-see.

It was expecially so for the numerous mochi stalls - I kept stuffing my mouth with them. Hahahaha... aiyah, not my fault lah. The uncles there kept giving me mochi to try so I just take lor. Hee hee...

There was this particular one that Daddy gave me... I took one bite at it, sensed something funny was going on and passed it back to Daddy. Daddy thought I was full liao, so he just popped the remainder in his mouth. And guess what? It was WASABI-flavoured one lor! HAHAHAHA...

Di-di all along was just being carried about (lucky him) and he just soaked in all the lights and sounds that were whirling around him. Previous years I was also like that. So been there, done that. :P

Then as night descended, we headed back to view the Mickey & gang lanterns light-up.

It was chio lor... at least in my eyes lah. Hee hee...

So I immediately wanted Daddy's phone so that I could take photos of it too. Heh.

CNY is less than a week away! Can't wait can't wait can't wait!

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