Feb 5, 2008

A LION in a Playground Cafe

Last lazy Sunday morning, di-di and me were really excited 'cos Daddy & Mummy promised to bring us to the playground! Yeah, it's the simple things that make us go really happy.

Turned out that it was a playground that we hadn't been to before. Best of all, it's actually a cafe that comes attached with its very own playground!

It's at Turf City, and very aptly named SOL Playground Cafe.

So while Daddy was busy poring over the menu, di-di and me wasted no time in testing out the playground. Ahbuthen right? Hee hee...

The slides were especially fun; di-di even plucked up enough courage to give the slides a go. He even came down on his big belly! :P

Yep, so most of the time we were just climbing up, sliding down, running about and creating lots of opportunities for Daddy to put his camera to good use. Again.

Unfortunately, the food came and of course we were called back to our seats for makan. And I don't think it pleased di-di one single bit.

But it helped that the food was yummilicious so both of us gobbled up our food fast fast and scrambled up the slide fast fast again.

Round 2! Hee...

Oh, every Saturday & Sunday at about 12.30pm, there'll be a balloon sculpturing and a face painting session in the cafe as well.

Well, of course I had to have my face painted and guess what I wanted to be painted on my face?

A lion! Hear me RAWRRRR!!!

Di-di 's turn was next but since he can't sit still for long... a teddy bear picture was painted on his arm instead.

Then we spent some time playing in the indoor play area before making our way back home. Reluctantly I must add. :P

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