Feb 18, 2008

CNY Gathering

Yesterday night, we were off to Sa-kor Por's place for a CNY dinner potluck session. Think it must have been the nth time this CNY that I had tossed the yusheng high high up into the air already. Hee...

A bit off topic but allow me to mention that my current favourite colour is YELLOW.

Hence the insistence from me wanting to take a photo with a yellow car parked there. Hahaha...

My favourite colour was originally PINK, until I heard whispers that pink was usually associated with girls. So I changed to RED instead and that remained my fave for quite a considerable length of time. ORANGE was the next colour that overtook red as my favourite colour but that only lasted for one week, before I finally settled on YELLOW now. Heh.

Okay okay, back to the dinner...

There was lots of spaces to run about at Sa-kor Por's place, which suited di-di & me just fine. And my cousin, Amelia jie-jie, also taught me new games to play too. :)

All of us had a great time playing together, while the adults were having their makan.

But it was a tiring day for me, as I fell asleep in the car on the way home. Di-di didn't though, but I could tell he was tired too. He win lor... :P

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