Feb 21, 2008

Park 'n' Ride

It has been quite some time since I last brought my tricycle for a ride in the park. And since it has also been quite some time that we last went to Pasir Ris Park, Daddy thought why not do both? Wah say, he very the genius lor...

And so, there I was... furiously pedaling on my yellow trike. While di-di was enjoying running about, practically everywhere.

Pasir Ris Park had indeed changed pretty much since the last time we were there. For one, there are so many more and newer child-friendly play areas for all the VIPs - us children lor. YAY!

Of course I wasted no time in trying out all the play things man... with the slide on the top of my must-play list.

Di-di, too was busy climbing up and down and when he wasn't doing that, he was busy shuffling the sand with his tiny feet.

Then I eyed this rope bridge and quickly ran to cross it...

Di-di also followed but before he could begin, one of his legs fell through the lobang of the net. So he kena stuck, like a fish in a net. Hahaha... But no worries lah, di-di was fine. He didn't even let out a whimper.

The sand was another must-play priority for me. Oh yah, that reminds me... di-di and me haven't been to the beach for quite a long while too. Heh.

Then, it was back to the largest playground there for some serious fun!

We paused briefly for some mind-numbing coldness...


So cute right? There was a bench and table there for me to sit down to enjoy my dessert.

Then it was back to more fun. Spinning fun to be precise.

Di-di also wanted to have a go, so I spun him round and round really fast. Hahaha...

We found more stuff to play... man, I could really come here every week if you ask me. :P

Then suddenly, I sounded a warning that I wanted to poo-poo! So Daddy scooped me up and ran to the nearest toilet... while di-di continued his fun.

It turned out to be a fasle alarm. Hee hee... I made Daddy sweat profusely for nothing. HAHAHAHA...

Then, the inevitable happened.

No, my poo never come out. It was time to go home lah. Haha...

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