Feb 23, 2008

My first class!

Today, I attended my very first class session at Turf City - a Kindermusik trial class!

When I attended the classroom, Kor-kor was clamouring to be brought into the classroom too. Hahaha... I guess he must have thought he was the one who should be attending the class instead. Luckily, Daddy distracted him by offering to bring him to the playground. That always works lah. :P

So how did I fare in class?

Well, as you can see... I was always running around, and to the huge mirrors to see my good friend. Heh. When the music came on and we were asked to shake our booty, I was good and duly shook to the rythmn. But when it was time to sit down for some story, I just can't seem to sit still. Like my Kor-kor last time lor, as Mummy said. Hee hee...

Nearing the end of the class session, Kor-kor wanted to join in the fun too. And since the teacher gave the green light, he was only too happy to sit in with Mummy & me. :P

Then after that, we had a meet-up session with all the kiddos and mummies and daddies from a motherhood forum at SOL Playground cafe. Yup, the one that Kor-kor & me had been to
a few weeks back.

Kor-kor was happy to see his pals, Timothy & Dylan, once again. And since Daddy brought along a few bottles of bubbles, Kor-kor shared the bubbles with all of them.

All of them had a bubbly good time me think! And that was on top of all the playground fun that we all had before our makan. Hee...

Only thing was... all of them knew how to blow the bubbles leh. So I just stood there and assumed the role popping the bubbles as soon as they were formed. Hee hee...

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