Mar 3, 2008

2nd Trial

On Saturday, I went for my 2nd trial in 2 weeks! This time, it was at Pat's Schoolhouse for their once-a-week D'Story Club which Kor-kor proudly tells me that he was an alumni of that club.

My session was at a different branch though, since we had already shifted... and so onto my lesson!

I go for trial lesson... kor-kor also got to sit in too. Very worth it hor... hahaha. 'Cos Mummy needed to work so Daddy had lugged both of us monkies to class so as to jagar us lor. :P

Initially, I was very apprehensive in the new classroom setting so I was just tugging at Daddy's pants, in a hopeless wish that I would be carried instead. Kor-kor see me like that, also decided to stick close to Daddy too. Hee hee...

Things turned better when we proceeded to our Art'n'Craft session, mainly 'cos we got to play with paint!

I look too darn serious if you ask me. Heh.

We were tasked to paint the whole paper plate in orange colour, using the paintbrush. We were going to make a lion's face you see, but the face will only be done next week though.

Since I don't really know how to paint yet, I just dipped the brush into the paint and meticulously dotted my plate with spectacular orange circles. Hahaha... not too bad lah.

Kor-kor lao-jiao already lah, so he chop-chop finish his painting already. I suspect it's becasue he knew what was coming next - Tea Break!

Wah, that's my favourite segment of the lesson too! We got to eat biscuits and drink some milk... kor-kor even asked for a second helping! He really buay paiseh... :P

Since it was still drizzling, we had an indoor playarea set up after that, to burn off our calories.

After having a good time and playing ourselves silly, it was time to hit the dancefloor - music & movement time! Ahhh, this one I like... 'cos currently, I love dancing to music.

I hear music, my body move automatically liao... there was one time when Daddy accidentally flipped the TV channel to an Indian movie and on hearing the music, I just started dancing on the spot. Hahaha...

Yep, so I enjoyed myself during the music session. Think kor-kor did too, 'cos he was following the teacher around and mimicking her actions.

It was goodbye after that, and me think I enjoyed myself at this trial than the Kindermusik one last week. See what Mummy thinks after Daddy had written and submitted his report to her first then. HAHAHA...

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