Feb 29, 2008

A Typical Sunday

Sundays are mostly reserved for visits to Kong-kong's & Por-por's house, for lunches and dinners. And I ALWAYS look forward to going there!

It's mainly because Kong-kong always bring me out to gai-gai, be it the playground or the market just to walk walk. And I usually end up bringing home some new toy... hee hee... like this bubble toy gun. :P

Which means I also usually end up playing outside the corridor, and that too pleases di-di so much.

Hyper di-di is always looking for places to test out his running skills, while trying to burst out the bubbles that I create at the same time. Hee.

And it is usually Sundays when I don't even need to nap a single minute in the daytime because of all the distractions. But this sometimes translates to me being ultra-tired when it comes to dinner time. 'Cos there were a few times that I nearly dozed off while eating my dinner! Hahaha...

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