Mar 16, 2008

First zoo outing in 2008

Both of us had more or less recovered liao; only the nagging coughs that still refuse to go away. But at least it's getting better, so what better way to celebrate than to go to the ZOO!

It has really been quite long since the last time we were at the zoo. In fact, di-di didn't even know how to walk then.

And so, on a bright and sunny Saturday morning (heng never rain lor), we trotted down to the zoo.

The frog looked quite scary don't you think? Di-di machiam got that terrified look on his face. Hahaha...

I missed the animals so so so much! And once we were inside, I told Daddy that I wanted to go see the elephants and giraffes immediately. Hee hee... But I don't call the shots, so we went to pay the otters a visit first.

Ok lah... they too are very cute. So cute that I had to make a funny face.

The flamingoes were next; and I tried to blend in with them.

Haha... can't really see the flamingoes in the background eh? 'Cos I wanted Daddy to take a photo of me standing on one leg lor.

Inuka the polar bear, though, was humongously tall when he stands on his both legs.

Guess I will just have to eat more rice to catch up.

Then Daddy & Mummy said it was time for the Elephants Show! YAY!!!

Daddy didn't take any photos of the elephants though; mainly 'cos di-di was glued to his laps.

But no matter, we proceeded to look at more animals after that...

Di-di & me were getting hungry from seeing all the animals munching on their food, so we went off to the KFC near the kids' playground for a finger lickin' good time.

But guess what, di-di fell asleep while waiting for Daddy to buy the food! Hahaha... and by the time di-di woke up from his brief nap, I was done and given the licence to hit the playground! heh.

As usual, the slide was one of my must-play faves.

I also forgot how many times I keep climbing up and down to go one the tunnel slide liao...

Di-di wasn't done with his eating yet, so I got to immerse myself in the ball pit as well. Whoopee!

While I was having fun, I occassionally glanced at the mini-pool waterplay area. But too bad I had just recovered and still nursing a cough... so of course that was an out-of-bounds area for me. :(

Finally, di-di was done and boy was he in a good mood!

He aso went to the playground for a short while, before we lingered a while longer in the zoo to see some more animals.

Then it was time to go home liao...

I think this must be of the longest duration that we had stayed in the zoo. That's why we didn't protest when Daddy & Mummy said it was time to head home. :P

Til next time! :)

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