Mar 14, 2008

Bouncy Castle makes a comeback!

I don't know if any of you remember that I actually have an inflatable bouncy castle filled with colourful balls stashed away somewhere in the store room. I obviously don't.

So imagine my utter joy when Daddy pumped up the castle for di-di and me to play in again! Well, actually not pump up lah... Daddy's stamina where got so good. Hahaha... He had help from Mr. Vacuum Cleaner. :P

Well, it was about 2 years ago since I last played with castle. Look at how angelic and cute I was then!

Hee hee... last time I just guai-guai stayed in the castle and threw the balls about.

Now I stand on the outer rims of the castle, grab hold of arch and throw myself down into the ball pit.

Deliriously good fun I tell you. Heh.

Di-di also enjoys his time in the castle too. Everytime when I jump in, he'll also make a funny grunt and jump onto me. As if I'm a sack of rice.

Well, I seriously think Daddy & Mummy must be very pleased with themselves for pumping up this castle. 'Cos they can now dump us both inside, while continuing to watch their television. Hahaha...

Ok, can't blog already... gotta go jump somemore and throw up some balls already!

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