Mar 11, 2008

Kena neb

Yesterday morning, we were off the the doc again, mainly 'cos my darn cough hasn't shown any signs of getting better. Heng there was no need for any blood test, as my fever has subsided already. But but but... I had to sit through one round of nebuliser, no thanks to some phelgm in my lungs. Hmph!

Well, of cos kena neb is no joke lah... I literally cried the whole clinic down. Hee hee... But cry also no use, Daddy locked my arms so tightly that I want to squirm away also got no chance. So yes, I had my dose, went home and on a brighter note, I am feeling much much better now. :P

Mummy said last time kor-kor also kena once before; he also cried as if there was no tomorrow. Hahaha... but luckily he's more or less recovered this time liao.

Anyway, I must thank him lor... for bringing home the sicko virus from school. I never do anything also kena. Haiz.

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