Mar 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Por-por!

Today is Por-por's birthday and kor-kor & I specially got a cake for her to celebrate!

Well, actually it was kor-kor who chose the cake lah... I'm just in charge of eating. Hee hee...

Kor-kor wanted to take a photo with me and so he put his arm around my shoulder... but I tried to siam, 'cos itchy mah. :P

Anyway, at last the candles were lit and since I don't know how to sing the Birthday song yet, kor-kor took it upon himself to sing at the top of his voice.

Can you tell that I have the 'just-let-me-know-when-you-are-done-so-that-i can-eat-my cake' face? Hahaha...

Think kor-kor sang the song TWICE - the adults must really have loved his singing.

Then, it was time to blow the candles and once again, kor-kor was the quickest of the lot.

Cutting the cake meant another step closer to tasting the cake...hee hee...

But not before a mandatory group photo shot.

Oh, hurry up already! My spoon is already waiting in my hand impatiently.

Ah...finally! Pure bliss...

Hahaha... Then sneaky little me tried creeping up to kor-kor's plate to swipe his cake too. Who ask Daddy to give me a smaller piece... :P

Kor-kor asked for a second helping while I continued to enjoy my delicious mango cake, smearing the bottom half of my face with cream.

Soon we were done eating and boy, were we a pair of satisfied monkies! :)

Happy Birthday, Por-por!

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