Mar 25, 2008

My first official class

Last Saturday marked the start of my FIRST official class at Pat's Schoolhouse! Yuppo, Daddy & Mummy enrolled me in the D'Story Club, a once-a-week 1.5 hrs class, at Pat's. Kor-kor was also in the D'Story Club last time, but at a different branch.

Initial start to the class saw me clinging onto Mummy's legs... hehe. Sometimes I also insisted to be carried... well, unless there are toys to be played of course. Hahaha...

During story time, I acted in exactly the same manner as kor-kor last time - in auto-roam mode. I just can't sit still lah... I need to get up to walk around, and occasionally go up to the teacher to try to turn the pages for the storybook for her. :P

Art session was next; and I got to paint a chick yellow in colour. Well, it's not perfect but I got a more important task to look forward to...


Yup, you just can't no to playground time, can you? Hahaha... And yes, kor-kor joined in the class as well. I listen story, he also listen story. I do painting, he also do painting. I had biscuits & Milo, he also had biscuits & Milo. Machiam like buy 1, get 1 Free offer hor? HAHAHAHA...

So when we went to the playground, kor-kor was only too elated to follow as well.

Of course we had loads of fun at the playground; especially kor-kor. 'Cos he can climb up and down and everywhere actually.

Then it was back to the classroom for a music'n'movement session. Ahhh... this is what I love the most! Dancing! This time, I no longer cared where Mummy or Daddy was standing liao... I just strutted my stuff to the rythmn of the music. Heh.

And kor-kor? He very good lah... he just kept sticking close to the teacher and imitating the dance actions. 100% Teacher's pet I tell you. :P

Then it was time to go home already... I can't wait for next week!

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