Mar 27, 2008


I've got a new toy - the Aquadoodle!

It's a drawing mat, which I can use markers to draw anything I like on it. But it's no ordinary marker; it's a marker filled with normal tap water and when it touches the mat, voila! It looks as if I'm drawing with a real marker. Then, as it dries up, the 'ink' disappears and I can redraw on it again! No mess, no fuss! Mummy likes... hahaha. :P

My doodle mat is a Dora-themed one; so it also comes with a Dora car. This car very cool lah... It runs on batteries; and when I use my marker to draw a line on the mat, it will actually follow where the line goes! Don't ask me why lah, me no engineer... only know how to play. So I always make it go round and round until it gets dizzy. Hee hee...

Di-di also loves it a lot! He just keeps drawing circles and circles on the mat...heh. Only problem is... it only comes with ONE marker! So yes, until the day when Mummy succesfully acquires another marker, there'll always be one unhappy cheekiemonkie waiting by the sidelines while the other is happily doodling away.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mummy of Ash&Ayd,
May I know where did you buy the Dora Aqua World? How much is it? I also want to buy it for my kids.
Thanks. Jessica.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Jessica,

We got it from an overseas spree that was organised by someone else. With shipping, it's about $50. Don't think this particular Dora-themed one is available locally.

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