Mar 29, 2008

Club D'Story #2

Today (and for the next 8 Saturdays), I went for my weekly enrichment class at Pat's Schoolhouse.

Can you tell I'm beginning to have more fun in class now? Hahaha... Well, maybe except for the story-telling session, where I was still in a roaming mood.

Craft session and playground time captured my attention more. But the only problem was... after each activity we are supposed to wash our hands right? Everytime the tap is turned off, I would wail so very loudly. Hee hee... I love playing with water mah... OOOOH, which reminds me... Teacher Pris said next week will have a Water Play session! WOOHOO! Erm, maybe I will cry even louder after the water play session lor.

We had cake and fresh milk for the tea-break today. But I didn't felt like eating surprisingly, mainly 'cos I was distracted by the toys on the floor. Heh. Kor-kor walloped his whole piece of cake though, and even ate half of my share. Glutton or not you tell me??? He also requested for TWO rounds of top-ups for his fresh milk!

With all those food consumed, no wonder he was a bundle of energy during the music'n'movement session. kekeke...

I, too was jiggling to the sound of the music. And when I wasn't doing that, I was spinning around on my own. Or running round the room really fast. Hahaha...

After the strenuous workout, it was time to say goodbye to Teacher Pris and my friends. Have to quickly go home to makan lunch and sleep lah... 'cos at night got a wedding to go. If no sleep equals two very cranky monkies! :P

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