Mar 30, 2008

Uncle Mason's & Aunty Annie's Big Day

Last night, we went to Mummy's cousin, Uncle Mason's wedding dinner.

Since both of us had quite a lengthy nap in the afternoon, we were naturally in high spirits. Both of us even had a hand in tossing rose petals towards the newly-wed couple! But hor, I think di-di was more interested in picking the petals up from the floor and throwing them up in the air. Hee hee...

The food, though, took like forever to come... and I was feeling quite hungry (although I had already eaten my dinner at home beforehand!). So rather than risk being restless (& grumpy), both of us were allowed to run freely outside the ballroom first. :P

Think di-di was very excited lor... as long as no need to sit baby chair, confirm he happy like bird...

Hmm... Mummy says that di-di is becoming more and more handsome liao... might even surpass me leh!

Oh no, I better put on a cute face too. Hahaha...

The yumseng session was the next highlight for me, 'cos the idea of holding a glass in the hand while shouting at the top of my voice sounds pretty fun to me.

Then as last yumseng rang out, I couldn't resist picking up the strewn confetti on the floor and tossing up into the air. Yah I know, very festive. Hahaha...

The usual phototaking then followed and by that time, di-di was close to running on an empty tank liao.

He eventually fell asleep before the desserts even came, but I was surprisingly still as bubbly as ever. But once I hit my car seat, I was knocked out in a flash. :P

CONGRATULATIONS Uncle Mason & Aunty Annie!

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