Apr 13, 2008

The 4th lesson

Yesterday was yet another lesson at Pat's Schoolhouse. And today was an especially FUN day!!!

Yuppo, it was Waterplay time! Splish Splash Splish Splash!

After the storytelling and craft session, all of us happily trooped down to the water play area to strip. Hee hee... But think kor-kor was shy leh; he didn't want to take off his shirt. Hahaha... Guess he just wanted to chope all the water toys first. :P

As for me, I couldn't care less lah! I was just too engrossed with all the splashing and pouring. If I had to take off my diapers as well, I would have done it too! :P

Kor-kor wanted to take off his tee after a while; must be see we having so much fun lor. Heh. So into the pool he went too.

Guess the sky must have been attracted to the water that we were splashing around... 'cos it started to turn dark! Cham liao... must be going to rain already...

And so, Teacher Pris said time's up! And one by one, the adults picked up all my friends to dry and clean them up...

Not surprisingly, ALL the toddlers CRIED lor! Well, except kor-kor... think he's pretty seasoned. And I think I must have taken the title of the loudest wailing toddler when I was lifted up from my oasis prematurely. Which got me into a pretty bad mood come tea-break time, 'cos I didn't want to eat a single mouth. :P

But all was duly forgotten when we went back into the music room for some boogie. Hahahaha... yesh, I'm a dancing king. Hee.

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