Apr 16, 2008

Art Attack!

These days, I have suddenly picked up the love of painting.

Whenever I see Mummy or Daddy taking out the paintbrushes & paints, I'll go extremely excited. And I'll proceed to plonk myself down on the chair, no questions asked. Heehee...

So many colours to choose; it's no wonder I end up getting cock-eyed from the wide array of choices.

Another headache of mine is to ponder over what I should draw...

Hahaha... but my painting style is usually freestyle lah... READ: anything & anyhow. Just one messy glob of colours.

Kor-kor likes painting too. Usually he'll be too engrossed in it til he bochups Daddy when Daddy asks him to smile for the camera.

Me, on the other hand, am always so fully cooperative when it comes to taking photos. I even say 'Smile' before striking a pose. Hahaha...

Ok, time to put the finishing touches on our masterpieces! :P

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